Who We Are

With roots going back 29 years in the sugar industry, Al Nouran has been a crucial player in shaping the sector and will play a major role in its future development.


Al Nouran Sugar’s roots stretch back 29 years with the founding of Al Nouran Multitrading (ANM), one of the leading specialized commodities trading houses in Egypt, with a specialization in sugar imports and exports. Through multiple partnerships, ANS was formed in 2006, while the need to establish a strong supply chain in Egypt and the region led to the formation of Al Nouran Advance Agriculture (ANAA) as its agricultural arm in 2008, completing the value chain.

  • 1985

    Al Nouran Multitrading (ANM) is established as a limited liability company. Its main activities include trading local or imported sugar, and the company quickly establishes itself as Egypt’s leading trading house.

  • 1995

    ANM imposes its presence among the leading sugar traders in Egypt and initiates international market access.

  • 2006

    Al Nouran Sugar (ANS) is founded as a greenfield project to help address the lingering global sugar deficits of the past decade by building Egypt’s first private, state of the art sugar production facility in the governorate of Sharkiya.

  • 2008

    Al Nouran Advanced Agriculture (ANAA) is founded by ANM as the main domestic supplier through the innovative and dynamic practice of planting and cultivating sugar beets by using highly efficient and advanced methods.

  • 2013

    ANM signs a shareholders' agreement with ICD AFESD & ESIIC, securing the equity finance of the Al Nouran Sugar project.

  • 2014

    ANS secures an EGP 1.5 billion Senior Islamic Facility, an important milestone to achieving a target investment of EGP 2.5 billion.

  • 2014

    Contracting over 10,000 feddans of beets and the establishment of the prerequisite infrastructure for the development of the manufacturing facility is completed.

  • 2017

    Phase 1 of ANS production line 1 will be completed and fully operational with a capacity of 12,000 tons per day.

  • 2018

    Phase 2 of the ANS facility to begin construction with the addition of a new line of production.