Who We Are

Al Nouran Sugar represents the convergence of agricultural expertise, manufacturing know-how in sugar production and an ideal location to fill a crucial void in the market.



ton projected annual output of processed white sugar from sugar beet



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About Us

Al Nouran Sugar represents the convergence of agricultural expertise, manufacturing know-how in sugar production and an ideal location to fill a crucial void in the market.

Founded in 2006 to address the expanding and unfulfilled demand for quality white sugar in Egypt and the MENA region, Al Nouran Sugar (ANS) is the only integrated sugar concern in Egypt. ANS is a greenfield project that will build Egypt’s first state-of-the-art sugar production facility in the governorate of Sharkiya, with a total investment cost of EGP 2.5 billion (USD 350 million). Its main activities will be the production of sugar from sugar beets and refining raw sugar into white sugar, byproducts of which (molasses and fodder) will also be sold in international markets. In line with its strategy of consolidation and integration, ANS will have the upside potential of full-market access (white sugar off-take and raw sugar supply) through its sponsor and main shareholder, Al Nouran Multitrading. Its daughter company, Al Nouran Advanced Agriculture, will be its long-term sugar-beet supplier.

ANS’s facility in Sharkiya is expected to launch operations on its first production line in 2017, and upon completion of its second line in 2018 will have a white sugar processing capacity (from beet slicing) of 274,000 tons per year, while its white sugar refining capacity will be 315,000 tons per year. Its byproducts are expected to reach 105,000 tons per year of molasses, while fodder should reach 106,000 tons per year.

The Sharkiya plant is strategically located near two major ports and a refinery, specifically: Damietta Port and Port Said, and the Sokhna Refinery on the Red Sea (each within 100 km). The facility will also have the potential to access 823,000 feddans* for beet cultivation. Over the past 10 years, there has been a 20-fold increase in Egyptian beet cultivation (at an average CAGR of 26%), ensuring ample feedstock, and the Ministry of Agriculture’s Sugar Crops Council nominated Sharkiya as the best location for a sugar beet factory in Egypt.

* feddan: unit of agricultural land in Egypt = 4,200 square meters.

Competitive Advantages

Al Nouran Sugar benefits from a number of strategic advantages, both in terms of capabilities and market conditions, which when fully leveraged will allow the company to be the leading sugar producer in Egypt, the Middle East and Africa.

  • Competitive Product

    Beet sugar production serves as a low-cost, high-yield alternative to sugar cane, as it consumes less water and affords farmers a greater diversity in land utilization.

  • Ideal Market Conditions

    With Egypt and the MENA region running an annual deficit between sugar consumption and production of approximately 1 million tons and 18 million tons, respectively, there is significant local and regional market demand that is ready to absorb ANS products.

  • Advanced Facilities

    ANS will operate a 1.8 million square meter, state of the art production facility that will adhere to the highest environmental and operational standards, with a support infrastructure consisting of access to main roads, a fresh water source and utilities already in place to boost capacity. The facility site has been master planned as an industrial complex to accommodate a number of integrated industries such as bio ethanol, liquid sugar, yeast and vinegar production.

  • Diversification Potential

    The nature of manufacturing operations allows for the production of byproducts such as molasses and animal fodder.

  • Prime Location

    In addition to being located in the temperate climate of the Nile Delta, ideal for beet sugar cultivation, ANS operations in the east Delta will afford it easy access to Suez Canal ports. This both reduces logistical costs and creates a strong export potential to Middle Eastern and African markets.

  • Management Know-How

    More than 160 years of collective experience in the sugar manufacturing, agriculture and trading sectors.

  • Strategic Partnerships

    In addition to its successful parent company Al Nouran Multitrading (ANM) and daughter-company Al Nouran Advance Agriculture (ANAA), ANS boasts a vast network of local and international trading partners and leading financial institutions.

  • World-Class Quality

    ANS is engineered to world-class quality standards for production of ICUMSA3 454 white sugar, the highest-grade sugar in the industry.