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The Project


At its core, Al Nouran Sugar Company (ANS) represents the marriage of agricultural innovation and sugar industry expertise to create a 24,000 ton per day beet sugar production complex in the strategic location of Sharkiya governorate. The facility will process and refine locally grown sugar beets and imported raw sugar to produce ICUMSA3 454 white sugar, the highest grade sugar in the industry.

ANS is centered around a 1.8 million square meter facility which will be built across two phases and will require a steady and continuous local supply of sugar beets. The company is comprised of both a manufacturing and an agricultural arm, headed by Al Nouran Advanced Agricultural, which has been successfully developing and growing beet plantations in the area for five years.

The Industrial Arm



Sugar Processing Capacity: beet crushing capacity of 12,000 tons per day or 273,600 tons per annum of processed white sugar.


Sugar Refining Capacity: raw sugar refining capacity of 1,786 tons per day or 314,729 tons per annum of refined white sugar.


Byproducts: – Molasses: 105,144 tons per annum – Fodder: 106,074 tons per annum

Sugar beet processing involves the transformation of the main raw material (sugar beet) into refined white sugar. The production process also results in two highly economical byproducts, molasses and fodder. The main process components are Reception, Diffusion, Carbonation, Evaporation and Crystallization.graph2


In a six-step process, the sugar beet is:

  • Washed and sliced into small pieces called cossettes;
  • Cleaned;
  • Filtered to produce a thin juice;
  • Boiled under vacuum to produce a thick syrup — during this step, crystals begin to appear and more tiny sugar crystals are added to the mix to encourage the process;
  • Spun in a centrifuge to separate crystals from syrup;
  • Pure white sugar is produced and granulated.

The sugar beet factory complex

At the factory, the sugar beet is processed into fine white crystals. The byproducts from the production process are sold for annual fodder.

The Agricultural Arm


Sugar beets are harvested annually, and yields have benefited greatly in recent years from new seed types and cultivation practices. Great care must be taken to ensure adequate distance between plants, weed control, planting depth and proper fertilization. Labor costs in sugar beet production are negligible due to mechanical cultivation and harvesting equipment. The world average for yields of sugar beet crops is 18.6 tons per feddan.

Al Nouran’s agricultural arm, Al Nouran Advanced Agriculture (ANAA), has been operating for more than five years, having introduced large-scale beet technology to Egypt in 2008 on more than 20,000 feddans. The company has boosted land productivity by 198% and achieved yields of more than 30 tons per feddan, surpassing the national average of 18 tons per feddan.

ANAA has accomplished this by:

  1. Identification of large scale farms (area and irrigation), which have allowed it to plant in the most ideal locations in Sharkiya and helped it achieve production records.
  2. Introduction of agricultural expertise and innovation. These include the introduction of the most productive and adaptive mono-germ seed to local conditions by testing over 26 varieties of the seed, in addition to introducing a mechanization process that has facilitated the planting of over 100 feddans per day and a harvest over 60 feddans per day.