A crucial part of Al Nouran’s mission is to leave the communities in which we do business better off than when we arrived.

Improving the communities in which we operate is ingrained in our business model and strategy, as it is centered on a sustainable model for developing agriculture in the Delta region. As such, enriching these communities has always been a core and guiding tenet of the company. As we continue to grow, we aim to expand our outreach endeavors and our role as a responsible and active corporate citizen.

While the Delta region is one of Egypt’s most lush and rich in terms of resources, it remains one of the most impoverished communities in the country. This has primarily been the result of state neglect, a lack of education and the absence of the specific knowledge needed to efficiently and profitably develop these communities’ livelihood. Al Nouran plans to tackle these issues with a multi-lateral approach, with programs geared towards easing social mobility. Our expertise in the field of agriculture and the support mechanisms which we can provide (infrastructure development) will be incalculably beneficial as they will provide the community with lasting tools to improve their own lives.