Sound governance which accounts for the needs of the community in which we operate is the kernel of our business strategy and the means by which we achieve excellence in quality.

Al Nouran Sugar (ANS) is an extensive project under development, designed around the lofty goal of advancing not only the domestic sugar production industry but the entire food sector. The project represents a convergence of efforts with a variety of operational and financial institutions acting as shareholders. The magnitude of the project and the range of our shareholders necessitate the establishment of a hands-on and efficient approach to the organizational structure of the company.

Al Nouran Sugar’s management team has been actively engaged on several fronts to achieve the tasks delegated to it by the Board of Directors, en route towards initiation of the construction phase of the ANS production facility. Several steps have been taken towards ensuring the effective and timely management of the project. Primary among them are the following:

  • Formation and activation of the Project Management Committee, the Compensation Committee and the Audit Committee.

  • Board approval of the main policies recommended by the sub committees, enabling management to initiate the project on a sound governance base.

  • Contracting EPM as Project Manager (Owner Representative).

  • Hiring a Human Resources Director to initiate a short-term hiring plan, and establishing the necessary organizational policies and procedures.

Quality Control

Quality assurance and control is one of the most important aspects of our business and an element which we integrate across every step of the value chain. Our goal is to consistently meet international standards and improve upon them if possible. This is achieved through the persistent testing of our products, from seed selection to the final sugar product.